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we love and care about graphic design, visual communication and brand strategy
we provide visual stories with a creative and strategic approach

After having gained a lot of experience as teachers
at the Post St. Joost Master course Graphic Design, designers Steffen Maas and Maarten Verweij established 'Facing Spaces' in 2010 - an independent research & education studio.

At the invitation of various educational institutions, they provide workshops for design students and lectures in the field of visual storytelling and design.

Workshop context: The city
The city is a useful metaphor for the essence of communication. The complexities of today’s visual culture determine the designer’s methods and products.
Maas and Verweij teach students to treat the city as a found object - a context to be understood before being judged, independently from style or media.
The creative process is research: it questions, surprises and investigates. Within this process the design students work like forensic detectives: they gather evidence to produce or re-invent a (visual) story.
So instead of teaching a specific design style they learn students how to deal with complex situations. Thereby students are able to develop a personal working-method which is sustainable and future-proof.

Workshop attended within China
• CAFA - School of Design, Beijing
• Fine Arts School Hangzhou Normal University, Hangzhou
• Shanxi Academy, TaiYuen
• Nanjing Normal University, Nanjing
• Hebei University, Shijiazhuan
• ZUCC University, Hangzhou

Central Academy of Fine Art, Beijing
Hangzhou Normal University